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Belly Buds Deluxe Package

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Belly Buds Deluxe Package
Belly Buds Deluxe Package
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The first time the staff at Panano saw Belly Buds we were amazed!!!  We thought of the enormous scope of possibilities that these little speakers could have.  We thought of the expectant moms, whos husbands were going over seas and the voices of love that could be heard . It brought us all to tears. We thought of the music and the literature of our world, that would be a wonderous introduction to their new life. We thought of the oneness that mommy and baby would have, listening and sharing their day.  We just had to have Belly Buds so we could share them with all of you!  Here is what you get when you purchase Belly Buds:

included with your purchase of bellybuds™:

one pair of bellybuds™ bellyphones™
one pair of bellybuds™ buddons™
two sets of hydrogel adhesive rings
two bellybuds™ "dock" for safe, convenient storage
one audio splitter for simultaneous listening
one neoprene pouch with belt clip

Here is what Belly Buds has to say:

what are bellybuds™?

bellybuds™ are specialized, wearable speakers for expectant mothers that have been uniquely designed to effectively and safely allow the playing of music and sounds to a developing child in the womb.

who needs bellybuds™?

bellybuds™ are for parents-to-be who desire to bond with their unborn child by playing music and sounds to the womb. the popularity of this practice has been influenced and supported by numerous clinical studies and research.

why use bellybuds™?

bellybuds™ provide a simple, convenient alternative to using actual headphones for the purpose of playing sound to the belly. they are lightweight and portable allowing moms-to-be to use them wherever and whenever she chooses.

are bellybuds™ safe?

the speakers have a set maximum volume that has been determined by clinical research to be a safe level for the unborn child. we encourage users to consult with their physicians before using bellybud™s.

are bellybuds™ comfortable?

bellybuds™ are designed with a slight concavity so as to conform to the shape of the belly. Also, they are affixed with a reusable skin-safe hydrogel that adheres gently and removes easily with no pulling and no residue.

what are bellybuds™buddons™?

bellybuds™buddons™ are optional decorative pop-on covers that come in a variety colors and designs. The buddons serve a dual purpose: they give moms-to-be the opportunity to make a fashion statement and also provide an additional sound-dampening barrier between the music being played and the outside world.

are bellybuds™ discreet?

they are if you want them to be! bellybuds™ unique shape and design is intended to direct sound into the womb and nowhere else - and when covered by buddons™, they may be worn at anytime without fear of disturbing one's surroundings. in addition, the low profile design makes them all but invisible under clothing.

what happens to bellybuds™ when they're not in use?

bellybuds™ come with a "dock" for the bellyphones when they're not being used. the dock keeps the adhesive rings clean and protected and it fits conveniently into the accompanying pouch. when stored, bellybuds™ are compact and easily transported.

how long do the bellybuds™ hydrogel adhesive rings last?

the bellybuds™ hydrogel adhesive rings may be applied and reapplied up to 20 or 30 times. for maximum length of use, be sure to clean the area of the belly before applying. when finished, simply wipe the adhesive with a wet finger and store the bellybuds™ on the accompanying dock until the next use. replacement rings may also be purchased online and in participating retail stores if necessary.

are bellybuds™ compatible with all music players?

bellybuds™ include a standard 3.5mm audio jack compatible with the apple ipod and most other digital music players.

Manufacturer Part No: belly buds

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